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At Blessed Carlo Acutis Catholic School we are passionate about the need to ensure that learners at all stages transition in a clear manner that allows a seamless transition that ensures the learner feels ready to learn at all phases of their education.

We endeavour to create ambitious, capable learners throughout all stages of the school. Our Curriculum for Wales strategies allows each learner to fulfil their educational potential at all stages. We are committed to ensuring that the learners' wellbeing is maintained throughout each transition stage and full support is given.

Each key stage brings its own skills and requirements, as well as its own worries and anxieties. We aim to make sure that both learners and families feel secure and happy as they transition through each key stage. Senior members of staff are allocated to each key stage and liaise with the relevant members of the key stages to maintain the highest standard.

We will guarantee that we will communicate effectively with learners and parents to maintain the continuity of the period. Where appropriate transition visits will take place to ensure learners are familiar with the new surroundings and relevant personnel.

Learners who have individual needs will be supported prior to, during and after the transition period. Communication with home will remain the focus to ensure the learner needs are met at all times.

Where appropriate, external agencies and educational establishments will be consulted and encouraged to meet with learners to maintain a seamless transition. Careers Wales are an essential partner within the school environment and they ensure that the best advice and support is given for all learners in key stage 3 and 4, there are plans to extend this to advice at Key Stage 2.